What it Costs

A good translation is not cheap to produce. But to cut corners with your language requirements can be false economy in the long run (see Product localisation Internationalisation and Roll-out).

Translators and interpreters have to undergo extensive training before they can produce acceptable work or are qualified to stand in the frontline representing your business. It should not come as a surprise, therefore, that the costs of such services are on a par with those offered in other areas such as the legal profession and accountancy.

Every language project is different and the cost of a translation or interpreting assignment will depend on a large number of factors such as the language pairing, volume, document complexity, subject matter and so on.

Most translation work is measured by the number of words or characters and rates will often be quoted ‘per thousand words’ or ‘per thousand characters’. Occasionally rates may be quoted ‘per line’. While this can provide you with an indication of the cost of a translation it is not the whole story and is often a poor means of comparing prices from various suppliers. That is why we recommend that, where costs are concerned, you make your decision based on firm quotes for a specific document.

Interpreting is charged by the day. Occasionally half-day rates may be available. Travel and accommodation are charged at cost.

If you require a no obligation quotation, please let us have sight of your document or let us know the details of your interpreting assignment. We will be delighted to help. We will certainly not be the cheapest but we will provide a fixed quote and be open and honest about how we have arrived at our price.