Ad-hoc interpreting

  • Meetings
  • Visits
  • Pressing telephone calls from your overseas partners

Tell us what you want to say and we’ll make sure you are understood. Ad-hoc interpreting does not usually involve equipment hire and is suitable where the number of people wishing to make themselves understood is limited to a small group.

Simultaneous Translation

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Product launches, etc.

Simultaneous translators usually work in pairs, with each translator working for 15-20 minutes before handing over to their partner. This is because after this length of time a break is essential to maintain the standard of delivery – rather like radio football commentary where two commentators share the workload. Translators will normally work from a booth with delegates listening-in using on headphones (see Equipment hire).

Court and Legal Interpreters

When things don’t go quite as planned, or as a specialist service to the legal profession, we can supply qualified and registered court interpreters to help with interviewing clients and ensuring that legal requirements are met if a case goes to court.

Equipment Hire

Simultaneous translation will normally involve the hire of equipment. BBS can arrange the provision of booths, microphones and headsets for any number of delegates and translators. Occasionally a ‘whispering box’ may be used where the number of delegates is too many for an ad-hoc interpreter but does not justify full simultaneous translation facilities.