Expert Translation

Not being able to fully communicate with your clients and partners can seriously restrict your businesses potential, therefore we’re pleased to offer a range of services geared to providing you with the service you need to excel.


There is no such thing as a difficult translation – only the wrong translator, so the saying goes. With a panel of specialist translators running into the hundreds and covering virtually every foreign language, BBS Translations are confident of finding the right person for the job.

All our translators are fully qualified and experienced in their respective fields and translate only into their mother tongue. This golden rule of translation ensures a quality, authentic product that reads properly in the target language.

Many of our translators use translation memory software allowing standardisation and consistency of terminology across your manuals and literature.

At BBS Translations the translation memory software we use in-house is called TRADOS ©. In addition to the above benefits costs savings are often possible through elimination of repetition. Updates to previously translated text and translations of sets of documents (such as technical manuals) with highly repetitive text can then be produced efficiently and cost-effectively. All you have to do is ensure that your source language document is supplied in editable format (for example, MS Word).

Whatever the language combination, whatever the subject, and whatever the format, BBS Translation Service will help you put your message across.